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Saturday, 8 December 2018

New Agriculture export policy is cleared by cabinet

New Agriculture Export policy

A new agriculture policy gets cleared by the Union cabinet on 5th December. The new policy is  to fall in line with the PM's doubling farming Income objective.
Infographic on new agriculture export policy


Main objective of the new agriculture export policy is to = Increase India's Agriculture related exports to  $60 Billion by the year 2022 

 Currently India's agriculture exports stand at $37 billion

Agriculture Current Affairs - December

1. India currently observes the year 2018 to be the National year of Millets

2. The Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO) Council recently approved India’s proposal to observe an International Year of Millets in 2023

3. India became members to the executive board of  United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for the year 2020 and 2021

4.A PUSA Krishi-Haat to be set up at ATIC ( Agricultural Technology Information Centre) New Delhi for farmers, in which farmer can sell their produce  and also technology park

Friday, 7 December 2018

Instruments and what they measure

Important instruments and what they measure

meteorological instruments

Instrument Measurement
Pyranometer Total incoming radiation
Pyrheliometer Direct solar beam irradiance
Crescograph Continuous record of plant growth
Hygrometer Relative humidity
Lysimeter Evapo-transpiration
Aerometer Density of gases
Piezometer Pressure of ground water
Evaporimeter/Atmometer Evaporation
Rain guage/Pluviograph Rainfall
Hygrograph Continuous measure of humidity
Pycnometer Specific gravity of soils
Aerometer Density of gases
Pyrgeometer Terrestrial radiation
Drosometer/Octalis dew guage Dew
Barograph Continuous atmospheric pressure
Barometer Atmospheric pressure
Quantum Sensor Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Anemometer Wind velocity
Wind vane Wind direction
Hair hygrometer Relative humidiy inside room

Moisture deficit Index and how to calculate it

MDI(Moisture deficit Index)

MDI is an important drought index that considers soil moisture as one of the input parameters.

Krishnan and Singh 1972,

            Annual Precipiation(P) - Potential Evapo-transpiration
MDI= -------------------------------------------------------------------
                               Potential Evapo-transpiration

MDI value                     Interpretation
<-80                               Extremely dry
-80 to -60                       Semi dry
-60 to -40                       Dry
-40 to -20                       Slightly dry
-20 to 0                          Slightly moist
   0 to 50                        Moist
 50 to 100                      Wet
>  100                             Extremely wet

Tropical underutilized fruits of India and examples

Tropical Underutilized fruits of India


South-East Asia is represented by more than 500 species of fruit species (Arora and Rao,1995).The Indian center has a diversity of 344 species of fruits having vast potential for new crops. Having this vast genetic diversity in hand we have only focussed on important fruits like Mango, Banana,Citrus etc. But many indigenous species remain underexploited due to their lack of awareness about their vast potential, their multipurpose usage, medicinal use and other values.

Did you know? : Most of the tropical underutilized fruits are available only in local markets or fruit mandis  and are very rarely known in other parts of the country.

Many of these underutilized fruits have been incorporated into the traditional systems of medicine like ayurveda, Unani and also been used by local people or tribes in medicinal, consumption and in some cases their livelihood.

Examples of  Tropical Underutilized fruits of India are:

Common name Scientific name Family
Aegle marmelos Rutaceae
Chironji Buchanania lanzan Anacardiaceae
Karonda Carissa sp Apocynaceae
Phalsa Grewia subinaequalis Tiliaceae
Mahua Madhuca indica Sapotaceae

Vavilov Center of origin of cultivated crop plants

Vavilov's Center of Origin of Cultivated Plants

Through the process of domestication man has tamed wild plants to make them more dependent on humans to complete their life cycle.Domestication was the product of a long selection process carried out by humans unknowingly.
Edgar Anderson puts it as "the origin of a cultivated plant is a process, not an event".(Anderson,1960).
 The world renown Russian geneticist N I VAVILOV showed that cultivated species of plants during their course of their spread from their original areas of origin had differentiated into clear ecological and geographical groups.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Hybrid varieties of Mango

Hybrid Varieties of Mango


i) Amarapali: Parent cross of Dashehari x Neelum. dwarf variety, regular bearing and also late maturing variety. Amrapali is suitable for high density planting and around 1600 plants be planted in a hectare.

ii) Mallika: It is developed from a cross from  Neelum x Dashehari. large sized fruits that are, oblong elliptical in shape and  cadmium yellow in colour are the characteristic feature of Mallika. The keeping quality of Mallika fruits  are good and it is a mid season variety.

iii) Arka Aruna: A hybrid formed by cross between Banganpalli and Alphonso. Arka aruna is a dwarf regular bearing, precocious variety. Its fruits are large having attractive skin colour with red blush that is  free from spongy tissue.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

ICAR-NET notification 2018 released

ICAR NET(II) notification 2018 released

ASRB has released the ICAR NET notification for the second time to be held  from 27-12-2018 to 31-12-2018.

NET is the qualifying examination for getting eligibility for various posts like Assistant professor or lecturer  in SAU's  and other agricultural universities. NET certificates will be issued by the ASRB to those qualified candidates so that they can apply for the vacancies in SAU's or other universities.

Online registration to start from 09-11-2018 and will be extended  to  29-11-2018

FOR more details see the official notification here --> NOTIFICATION (ASRB)

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